The benefits of working as yacht crew


By Yachting Pages

As with any job, there are often plenty of ups and downs, with each having their own benefits and downfalls. While long working hours, little spare time and some mundane tasks may be among the downfalls of working aboard a yacht, the travel, lifestyle and experiences are certainly among the perks. Below, we investigate just why tens of thousands of people choose to work on board.

Six benefits of working as superyacht crew

1. The Yachtie Lifestyle

Working as yacht crew allows you access to a completely different lifestyle. While you will be working, you’ll also be living aboard one of the most expensive vessels in the world, and all whilst in the company of some of the world’s most influential people. 

A superyacht will have some of the best facilities and amenities available today, and, at the owner or captain's discretion, there may be certain instances where crew will be permitted to make the most of their lavish surroundings. When the owners and guests aren't on board, you may be permitted to enjoy the Jet-Skis, tenders and toys, and use the gym, home-cinema room, swimming pool, hot tub and more.

Wherever you go, the yacht attracts a lot of attention, seeing you fully flung into the lifestyle that comes with being on a superyacht.

2. The Elite Experiences

Would you ever get an opportunity to stand aboard a superyacht and mix with the people that travel on board? Love them or hate them, when working as yacht crew, you'll never quite know who you might have the pleasure of meeting!

Some of the world's most famous own or charter yachts, including Kate Moss, Simon Cowell, Leonardo DiCaprio, Rihanna, Jay-Z and Beyoncé, the list goes on. By making a great first impression, you never know; an amazing opportunity may arise!

3. The Travel

It’s no secret that superyachts travel to some of the most exotic and luxurious destinations in the world, and when working aboard, you’ll be able to tick some great places off your travel list. While you may not get to enjoy these exactly as you would hope, you’ll certainly find yourself in destinations that you may never have travelled to otherwise, and will get to enjoy some amazing views along the way.

4. The People

Working on a superyacht is unlike any other job: You’re surrounded by your fellow crew mates for weeks at a time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They’re your colleagues, your friends and your family away from home, making for strong, interesting, and sometimes even intimate relationships. You’ll find yourself away from 'real life', and this is where some incredibly strong connections are created and long-lasting friendships made.

5. The Salary and Tips

Crew have good base salariesno outgoings and often enjoy tax-free living. With no expenditure on food, bills and accommodation, many crew report rarely spending their crew salaries, making it an amazing opportunity to save some mega bucks. Working on a yacht for a few years can leave crew with enough money for a deposit on a house or two, or that kick-starter for their own business. 

Tips are another massive financial incentive for superyacht crew, where they are awarded. Working on a charter yacht especially offers crew a great opportunity to receive this added income, but how much is expected? That depends. Standard tips can range from five percent to twenty percent of the charter fee, with an average of roughly 10 percent and shared between all crew.

Working aboard a private yacht may not offer such opportunity for tips, however they have their own advantages for crew, including more down time, longer holidays, bonuses and even the possibility of spontaneous gifts from the owner. Some owners are even known to tip as well.

6. The Education and Life Experience

Once hired, crew typically have their education and training expenses covered by the yacht they work on, as well as learning some transferrable skills for life on board, and after yachting. 

The industry offers ample opportunity for career development with a wide range of courses available for each job role on board. Some that promise opportunity outside of the industry include that of dive instructor, powerboat handler and sommelier.

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